• Cavalls de Ferro

    Pioneers in the BTT in Menorca

  • Cavalls de Ferro

    Cavalls de Ferro Menorca

  • Cavalls de Ferro

    Mountainbike route for the 'Camí de Cavalls' of Menorca

Rules of Cavalls de Ferro


Cavalls de Ferro, is not a competitive route, even though you have to know what points you have to pass to be registered in the route book. If you don’t have all the registrations, it’s not possible to get the "finisher" jersey.

Everyone who will adventure in to the Cavalls de Ferro, have to have all the necessary material, to complete the route, such as: helmet, enough water, energy snacks, repair kit, double suspension mountain bike, to match the irregular terrain of the Camí de Cavalls, etc.

It’s obvious that you have to respect the nature in Menorca, because Menorca is a Nature Reserve since 1993. It’s obligatory to use the marked tracks that the organization has designed, forbidding the use of other possible tracks.

If your intention is to get a tour guide, it’s obligatory to follow the instructions given by the tour guide.

Cavalls de Ferro, is an activity that has possibilities of interruptions by the weather.

Menorca, is an enchanting island and has beautiful landscapes; in places the terrain is not level and can be difficult, it’s not a big problem and can be done calmly. What is recommendable is that you don’t carry a lot of weight.

Recommendations for the Cavalls de Ferro


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