• Cavalls de Ferro

    BTT Rutes in Menorca

  • Cavalls de Ferro

    'Camí de Cavalls' of Menorca


Recommendations to do the Cavalls de Ferro

It’s recommended to use a double suspension bike, helmets are obligatory, also small backpacks (Camelback) mandatory with water and an energy bar, and the most important thing is spare bike parts, repair kit, bike lock, etc.

For the type of terrain in Menorca it’s advisable to use bike tires with bigger inner tubes, to gripe to the rocks, and will also give us more security.

We also recommend you to hire a luggage transport service to carry less weight, which is a lot easier for the cyclist. To go as light as they can.

Because of the heat, we always advise to do the stage first thing in the morning or late afternoon, use sun protection and over all keep yourself hydrated.

The Cavalls de Ferro is open to all public all year round, but its advisable to do it during the months that are less hot, avoid July and August for the temperatures. The best months are March to May and September to November.

Choose a long day in Menorca, so you can do touristy visits because Menorca offers many beautiful places to visit the sites. The island is small but always makes your stay shorter when you want to see most of the island.

We recommend you use the liquid to avoid punchers, the cyclists who use the liquid avoid getting punchers.

You have to have a minimum physical preparation to do the route, because of the type of the route.


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