Prices of the Cavalls de Ferro

Cavalls de Ferro in four stages

Low season:

  • January, February, March, April (except Easter), May, October, November and December

Middle season:

  • Easter, July and September

High season:

  • July and August


Low season Middle season High season
305 € 340 € 395 €

Option same hotel:

  • Four nights accommodation in a 4 stars hotel at half board, breakfast and dinner

Option different Hotel in any stage:

  • 4 nights accommodation at half board, breakfast and dinner, at four different hotels, Blanc Palace, Hotel Hamilton Court, Hotel Capri and Hostal Port de Fornells


  • The finisher cyclist jersey, if Cavalls de Ferro route is completed
  • Tracks
  • Map
  • Company gift

Doesn’t Include:

  • Supplement for an individual room, if the accommodation is for one person: 15 €
  • UNLIMITED insurance: 4,90 € per day
  • Biker transfer (if you opt for the option of always being in the same hotel) or the suitcase (in case of taking a different hotel at the end of each stage).
1 biker 2 to 3 4 to 6 7 or more
110 € 65 € 55 € 50 €
  • Airport Transfer: if done in a shutle are 30 € Mahon-Ciutadella-Mahon. This also includes the transport of luggage and bicycles.
  • If it is out of season or minibus, contact for prices


Low season Middle season High season
195 € 220 € 340 €



  • Extra night in Hotel Blanc Palace Sa Caleta, at half board accommodation
Low season Middle season High season
49 € 59 € 80 €


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