• Cavalls de Ferro

    Btt por el 'Camí de Cavalls' de Menorca

  • Cavalls de Ferro

    Rutas Btt por el 'Camí de Cavalls'

  • Cavalls de Ferro

    BTT en Menorca, Cavalls de Ferro

Itinerary of Cavalls de Ferro

MTB trails in the Camí de Cavalls of Menorca

The “Cavalls de Ferro” spend most of the 'Camí de Cavalls' in Menorca, with a total of 204 kms, along much of the coast, you can see much variety of scenery and terrain.

You can start the route from two different municipalities, starting and finishing at Mahon, and the other would begin and end in Ciutadella.

This route is recommended to be done in 4 steps, you can also do it in three or more than four, therefore you get a quote from here.

1st Stage - Ciutadella - Santo Tomas

Stage profile - Ciutadella - Santo Tomas Profile 3ª Stage profileKms. 39.3 kms
Approximate duration - 4-5 hours.

This stage is very wide, the first part is passed by the coast, with technical sections, taking the 'Cami de cavalls' in Son Xoriguer, we'll go through all the beaches of the south of the island, Son Saura, Calan Turqueta, Macarella up to Cala Galdana. From Cala Galdana starts a forest trail area. A central part entertaining, crossing the beach known Trebaluger. The final part of the stage through Son Bou beach, ending in Santo Tomas.

2nd Stage - Santo Tomas - Mahón

Stage profile - Santo Tomas - Mahón - Es Migjorn Profile 4ª Stage profileKms. 53.4 kms
Approximate duration - 4 hours.

This step to explore the “Cavalls de Ferro”, is the stage more comfortable with stretches of asphalt.

In Santo Tomas take the 'Camí de Cavalls', the final part runs along the coast to the beach of Son Bou. From there begins a completely different route, passing through a ravine. The central part is crossed by many developments, mentioning the town of Binibeca, characterized by a great labyrinth of white houses. There are alternate sections of the 'Camí de Cavalls' by coast, the center and asphalt.

Pass by the Punta Prima beach and can enjoy the view of the lighthouse. There begin a technical stretch rock by the coast, passing near a turret.

Crossed by several municipalities, ending in Mahón.

3rd Stage - Mahón – Fornells

Stage profile - Mahón – Fornells Profile 1ª Stage profile
Kms. 51.5 kms
Approximate duration - 4-5 hours.

This stage is the most technical of the 4 stages, with rises and falls short but steep slope, where they spent developing shorter. The Cami de Cavalls begins on the beach of Cala Mesquida, bordering much of the coast. It also crosses a natural reserve park “albufera des Grau”.

In Es Grau again taking up the coast, making the entire northern coast of the island. You will see a variety of landscape, when it comes to Lighthouse Favaritx changes the landscape and terrain features. Do not forget the beautiful and entertaining section S'Hort des Lleo. Pass by a small fishing port of Port Addaia, ending at the port of Fornells Bay, known for his stew, with the best restaurants on the island.

4th Stage - Fornells - Ciutadella

Stage profile - Fornells - Ciutadella Profile 2ª Stage profileKms. 67.6 kms
Approximate duration - 4-5 hours.

The final stage runs from the port of Fornells in direction to Cavallería beaches where is taken the 'Camí de Cavalls'. The characteristics of this stage say that is the first technical part, the central part not cyclable, a stretch of walking. The shortest of the four but perhaps the hardest.

The 'Camí de Cavalls', runs along the coast, passing by unspoiled beaches of the island as Cavalleria and Cala Pregonda, one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. From Cala Calderer, slower area, to Cala Pilar, once there changes the landscape, areas of fast and fun trails.The 'Camí de Cavalls' ends in Cala Morell, there we will take asphalt, rolling with more comfort to Ciudadela.

Come and enjoy Menorca

In addition to the best BTT route, Cavalls de Ferro, we have a large number of sports to make during your stay in Menorca, play golf, horse riding, play paddel tennis, kayak, for more information on these activities can visit the website Menorcasport.


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