• Cavalls de Ferro

    'Camí de Cavalls' of Menorca

  • Cavalls de Ferro

    BTT Rutes in Menorca

  • Cavalls de Ferro

    Btt in 'Camí de Cavalls' of Menorca

  • Cavalls de Ferro

    Btt Rutes 'Camí de Cavalls'

  • Cavalls de Ferro

    BTT in Menorca, Cavalls de Ferro

  • Cavalls de Ferro

    Cavalls de Ferro Menorca

  • Cavalls de Ferro

    BTT in Menorca

  • Cavalls de Ferro

    Mountain bike in 'Camí de Cavalls' of Menorca

  • Cavalls de Ferro

    Cavalls de Ferro, btt in Menorca

  • Cavalls de Ferro

    Cavalls de Ferro, mountainbike in the 'Camí de Cavalls' of Menorca

Introduction to Cavalls de Ferro, the new mountain bike route through the 'Camí de Cavalls' in Menorca

What is Cavalls de Ferro?

It is a mountain bike route, around the coast of the island of Menorca.
The distance is 204km; it is designed to be completed within 3 to 6 days, even though we believe it can be done in 4 days.

This route practically goes through the old “Camí de Cavalls”* It cannot be missed if you want to receive the authentic natural beauty of the island and the extraordinary attractive coast. (The variety of the Camí de Cavalls comes given by the experience from the guides of Menorcasport, they use the route most recommended for the bikers, thinking of the bikers security and enjoyment).

It is an auto-guided route; even though it is recommended to ask for the GPS tracks from the organization, (they are free), or if you do not have them Menorcasport can rent them to you.

Cavalls de Ferro, we can define it as an exciting, at the same time as a beautiful adventure, during which a few control points will be passed.

The climate in Menorca, lets this route be done during any time of the year, from September to July is the best time, because its not as hot, Menorca is beautiful, for the plants and flowers and the tranquillity this island has to offer.

We take care of everything, the hotel reservations, food and bike rentals, we even have a service that takes your suitcases to your hotel the only thing you will have to do is pedal, and enjoy the magnificent landscape.

The "Camí de Cavalls"

The origin of the “Camí de Cavalls” (Horse Track) is unknown, we find no decree, and it may have come from a king or a general. We can confirm that in the 18th century a track existed essentially in that century where invasions where made by sea, it went around the island and was mainly used for military purposes such as surveillances of the coast.

In the Historical Archives of Mahon, in the book of agreements from 1731 to 1736, there were documents found that give references of a track that went around the coast of the island. In an order from the governor, Richard Kane, to the mayors of Menorca states: << The old Camino Real that goes around the island, in the Costa de la Marina has to be shown annually in the month of March with green roots a short distance, one from the other. In addition, the people that live in the territory have to take care of the barriers in which the track goes through. Moreover, if the Camino Real in one part is very far from the sea, it has to move closer to the sea where horses can go through easily.

Along with the military use of the track, a civil use was formed. It is documented that the people who used the track were farmers, anglers and people that were just simply walking.

Josep María Quintana, author of a testimony about the nature of the “Camí de Cavalls”, stated that, in his opinion, it was a track not defined with walls barriers, but was known in the World of Rights as an undefined route.

It is considered, at the moment, the historical patrimony of the island and declared culturally interesting from the CAIB.


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